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Tasting Kauai – The Vision

Aloha Tasting Kauai Family!
I’m Dr. Addison Bulosan, the new owner of Tasting Kauai. It’s been quite a journey with Tasting Kauai the last 4 years since meeting Marta and Dan. I moved back home to Kauai in 2014 and I’ve been following @TastingKauai since 2013 on Instagram in awe of all the amazing food and collaboration happening. I made it a point to go out of my way to try and meet the person behind it all as I wanted to eat tasty food and learn more about how our food is made here on Kauai.
My dear cousin, Wes Perreira is good friends with Marta and setup a lunch with us so we could meet. Since day one I have been in awe of all the things Marta and Dan does for our island, Kauai.  As the Tasting tours began to ramp up I followed it closely and in our once a month lunch gatherings I fell in love of the vision of Tasting Kauai.
Imagine Kauai, with its bountiful opportunity to grow year round with inspired farmers and ranchers producing quality products, moving each item from their farms to their local food spots. Imagine tasting the freshness, the unique quality that can be found nowhere else in the world.
Less than 10% of the experiences on Kauai looks like that. The vision of Tasting Kauai is to highlight the farmers, ranchers, restaurants, and everyone in between that intricate relationship in hopes of increasing this experience for everyone.
By providing these educational tours we are able to bridge the knowledge and experiential gap. This in turn empowers everyone involved to continue this path until one day it is our social norm. The effects of this vision translates into reducing carbon emissions, reducing cost of food, increasing food productivity, and growth in the local economy. But it doesn’t stop there. This then translates to more local families able to afford a life here on Kauai, healthier outcomes for both local families and tourists, and most importantly a better relationship with mother Earth.
This is the legacy of Marta and Dan, and will be forever continued. With that said, I ask for your help and support. Share this opportunity with your friends and family to take a tour. Not only will they enjoy amazing food, connect with local chefs, and make new friends, they’ll also contribute to making the world, especially Kauai, a better place for all.