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Trucking Delicious Changes Menu


Chloe Sorey opened Trucking Delicious in March 2014, nearly two years after graduating from the Culinary Arts Program at Kauai Community College (KCC). After specializing in gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, Chloe changed her menu in Jan. 2016. Today, she takes “local food” up a notch and makes gourmet-ish plate lunch. Just so you know, that’s not a typo. Pidgin in Hawaii drops the “s” and turns plate lunches into plate lunch.

For the Kauai Shrimp plate lunch, Chloe keeps the shells and heads on and sautées the prawns in a secret sauce. I’ll keep things hush-hush and just say that the addicting blend contains garlic, lime juice and chili peppers. As everything cooks together, the sauce melts into the nooks and crannies of the shrimp, making a finger-licking mess as you peel the shrimp and take a bite. Luckily, she serves it with a side of steamed rice to catch extra sauce.

Chloe’s plate lunch portions are huge and include a choice of two house-made sides: coleslaw with sweet chili sauce; spicy kimchi; pickled cucumbers; pickled cucumbers with kimchi; macaroni salad with a liberal amount of freshly ground black pepper and cubes of fresh pineapple tossed in an all-natural version of li hing mui that’s made by OnoPops.

A scrumptious bacon and egg fried rice is piled high and studded with smoky bacon, sweet scallions and three plump wontons, served with a side of sweet chili sauce. Chloe also serves smoke meat, a local favorite that involves smoking meat over a wood fire.

“Learning how to smoke meat the traditional way has been a process,” says Chloe of the eight hour process. “Local guys always ask me who smokes my meat because no one expects that I do.” 

Her special “Wonton of the Week” rotates and includes seven fat wontons stuffed with combinations such as seared and smoked ahi and cream cheese; or Okinawan sweet potatoes with bacon, green onions, pepper jack cheese and candied jalapeños.

A variety of desserts are also made fresh every day and have included ube (purple sweet potato) ice cream with chunks of young coconut sandwiched between white chocolate macadamia nut cookies; and lilikoi (passionfruit) cheesecake with fresh strawberries.

This summer, Chloe will introduce Saimin Saturday and include house-made char su in the broth-y noodle soup.

Trucking Delicious
Next to Hanalei Liquor Store
5-5100 Kuhio Hwy., Hanalei
Instagram: TruckingDelicious

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