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Typhoon Haiyan Benefit Dinner

Hukilau Lanai presents a Philippines Fundraiser for Typhoon Haiyan Relief

Saturday, November, 23, 6 p.m., $40 adults, $10
The buffet dinner features Filipino food Hukilau style with communal seating and live entertainment. Call 808-822-0600 for prepaid reservations. All profits will go toward the American Red Cross Relief Effort in Visaya, Philippines. You can also donate additional money be making a check to Hukilau Lanai or the American Red Cross and Hukilau Lanai will send it with their donation.

Philippines Fundraiser Buffet Menu


  • Mini Empanada with sweet potatoes and shrimp
  • Steamed Ribs with camias BBQ
  • Grilled Chicken Summer Rolls
  • Smoked Beef Tongue with caramelized onion
  • Warabi Salad with Ginger
  • Beef and Tomato Salad


  • Pork Adobo with potatoes, carrots and peppers
  • Scallops and Fresh Fish with coconut milk, ginger, and vegetables
  • Pancit ~ Stir fried vegetables and noodles
  • White Rice


  • Sweet Rice with Jackfruit, Coconut Milk, and Pandan
  • Leche Flan baked with a layer of caramel